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Live Green

Live Green

Sooo, what is this ‘Green Living’ thing anyway?

There are so many ways to describe it  – terms like ‘sustainable living’, ‘green lifestyle’, ‘off-the-grid’, ‘organic’, ‘environmentally friendly’, ‘eco’, and so on, are bandied around throughout the interwebs, in magazines and on lifestyle TV more and more. I think it‘s excellent that we have grown conscious of these matters now – goodness knows it’s about time!

But, with all the emerging green trends and discoveries, it can be confusing about whether you’re ‘doing it right’.  I have been there, it’s frustrating and you may compare yourself to others who you perceive are doing more or caring more, banking more green karma!!

“It can be tricky to place yourself on the spectrum of Green-ness”

I Believe…

‘Going Green’ is not just for the hippies any more, it’s for all of us… for our children. It’s about doing one little thing each day (or a big thing if you want) so that the future will be a little brighter for those we leave behind.

To me ‘Going Green’ is not only about your outward actions or what organic chia-seed muesli you had for breakfast… It’s about cultivating a way of thinking and being that I like to call ‘Green-Hearted’. To be Green-Hearted is to have a heart and mind that aims to be green, fertile and receptive. It’s being open to new and beautiful (and sometimes scary) things, to challenges, growth and compassion for people and planet. It’s about seeing new ways of doing things, and calling out our bullshit when the old no longer serves us. Because, we don’t want to linger in dry and dusty ‘Hold-onto-not-working-but-we’ve-always’done-it-this-way-Hearted’ (technical medical term, I’m pretty sure!).

We strive to explore and thrive along the mossy paths of the ‘Green-Heart’, and know that you will find what’s right for you.

I Know …

That the most important tools you have tucked in your green arsenal are courage and consistency. Over time, all those little things WILL add up for the planet, for your mind and for your body.

Your shift will inspire others – and this is the aim of the game.

My hope is to forge a new direction for folks like you and me…

“A New Age of Green.

No preaching, no judgement, just the willingness to act & the

desire for a shining, awesome life!”

My hope for you, is that you will find Growing your Green-Hearted life has a multitude of benefits, which are broad in application and endless in wonder. Not just for you, but for those around you – in fact – I don’t know why everyone isn’t gettin’ some!

“Building a connection to your plate and your planet will enhance your wellbeing, zest up your life and draw you in to what matters…”


Eat Clean

Eat Clean

So, here’s the rub…

“Your body KNOWS how to be healthy. It WANTS to be healthy”

If you cut out the fake stuff, and listen, It will start to CRAVE the good stuff. The wholesome, real food that heals, restores, brings flavour and joy to your life.

The western world’s conventional food system is shockingly wasteful, polluting and harmful to the planet and to our bodies. Take a peek at my Journey, for a slightly more in-depth rant about THAT!

But when I, personally talk about “Eating Clean”, I don’t mean you have to give up eating cheese, carbs and sugar altogether!

I love cheese and would never… ever ban it from my kitchen! Nooooo! All in moderation I say!

What I mean by “Clean” is that, whenever practical, the basic ingredients are pure and fresh – in their original formats.  For ultimate nutrition and flavourful enjoyment – fruit, veg and herb components should be as unadulterated as possible – as naked as they were when they were plucked from the soil or tree.

Leah Hattendorff Gree Life LoveThis means – as much as humanly possible – I advocate the use of:

  • Organic and chemical-free fruit, veg and produce,
  • Free range, organic eggs,
  • Homegrown or sustainably farmed produce
  • As locally sourced as you can manage.
  • And most importantly, (if you’re a meat-o-saurous) that your meats, and dairy are free-range raised, ethically sourced and dispatched without cruelty.

My approach to food is simple – the closer to the real thing – the better!

I prefer a ‘home-style’ of easy, wholesome cooking, dominated by colourful plant-based ingredients. Focus is on the enjoyment of individual and well-combined seasonal flavours, mindfully prepared, with love.

 “A celebration of the ingredients’ journey from garden to plate”

It’s time to fall in love with your food. I’m serious about living the garden to plate lifestyle and I want to show that anyone can do it!


Love life

Love Life

To me, happiness and wholeness begin with connection and clarity…

Knowing who you are and what you want, and going for gold! Getting clear on what matters to you and living every day towards what makes you feel most YOU!

To me, a happy and abundant life is all about…
  • Real, nourishing food. Organic, local as possible, full of sparkly earthly goodness
  • Meaningful time with friends and family
  • Mindful time with yourself and your inner wisdom
  • Rightful work that sparks us into action, getting dirty and gaining skills
  • A commitment to caring for all living things in our world, including each other
  • A lifetime of eternal learning, creating and growth
  • Gratitude for all the beautiful things around us
  • Spontaneous celebrations!
  • Regular adventures and exploration – in your backyard, your town or some far flung corner of Asia – whatever is realistic
  • Knowing that the universe has your back and that abundance comes in from what you send out

I’ve been on my Green Life Journey for quite a little while. I’ve concluded that our society’s current path has separated us from our right to a simpler, free and happy life – with the abundance and luminescence that we are all entitled to…

“A life connected with our planet, our plate and ourselves”

You are probably here, because you feel it too…

I draw energy from the natural world and I want to share with others, how making that connection can improve your wellbeing, your enlightenment  and your happiness.

So lets do this!

Email me or drop into the comments below and tell me about your own green-hearted journey. Share your passions and dreams and we’ll build them! Explain your frustrations, your needs and your blocks, and lets find a solution together!



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Om Shanti !

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