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 Botany for beginnersBotany for Absolute Beginners

Tuesday, 2nd of June, 2015

Are you interested in learning about the inner workings of our green, leafy friends…the plants!? Don’t be shy – unleash that inner naturalist!

If wanting to know the name of that crooked shrub at the bottom of your garden keeps you up at night – you’re not alone, so never fear!

This fun, short ‘n’ sweet introduction to Botany will sort you out! LEARN MORE



Sold Out - Grow Organic Greens in Pots

Grow Organic Greens in Pots

12th May 2015

In partnership with Laneway Learning Brisbane, this is a quick-n-dirty ‘how to’ on growing delicious edible greens in pots! If you think you were born without a green thumb, think again! I’ll be teaching the basics for fun & successful container growing – Perfect for green-smoothie aficionados!





permaculture coursePermaculture Primer

28th February 2015

If you’ve been thinking of learning the basics of Permaculture Concepts and design methods, this short and sweet in-person course is for you!  LEARN MORE