Botany for beginners

Hello Green-Hearts!

Are you interested in learning about the inner workings of our green, leafy friends…the plants!? Don’t be shy – unleash that inner naturalist!

If wanting to know the name of that crooked shrub at the bottom of your garden keeps you up at night – you’re not alone, so never fear!

At 6pm on the 2nd of June  

I’ll be teaching a short class on Botany For Absolute Beginners!

If you’re in Brisbane town, come join me for this short ‘n’ sweet class on Botany – the science of plants!

No prior plant knowledge required – this is truly for eager beginners with a passion for learning more about naming and identifying plants.

Want to join the Planty Fun Times?  Grab more details and tickets here!

Botany is the science of all things plants! When your 4-year-old nephew asks you “what’s that plant?” or “how do plants turn sunshine into oxygen?” never get caught out again! Impress your friends at parties with your amazing botanical knowledge! (Yes, it could happen.)

This class will involve some basic scientific concepts, but is aimed at those with no prior botanical knowledge. It will be focused on a fun style of learning that is easy to digest straight from a self-confessed ‘plant-nerd’.

We’ll Learn …

  • What exactly is the plant kingdom and what sets it apart from other life forms?
  • The basic bones of photosynthesis – how plants turn sunshine into oxygen
  • Understand the basics of how plant types are grouped and named
  • Learn the parts and pieces that make up a plant and a flower and how it all works
  • Learn some of the most common plant families and how to identify them through patterns
  • Uncover some super-fun facts that just might come in handy at a trivia night
  • Learn to recognise a few common plants in Brisbane to wow your friends or impress your date! (once again – it could happen ;))

Click for more details and tickets through my pals at Laneway Learning Brisbane!

Love, Love, Love,