About Green Life Love


Connection to our planet…

Connection to our plates…

Connection to ourselves…

A sense of stewardship for our planet and a feeling that it’s MY JOB to take care of it, has been part of my psyche since… well, forever!

I’m an eco-geek, edible garden mentor, compulsive creative, holistic health evangelist and a hopeless optimist.



Hi! I’m Leah!

I’m here to empower Green-Hearted, Go-Getters to




Sound sweet? Then I invite you to read on, or tread further down my garden path over at the Green Life Love Philosophy!’

Or … come on down and MEET LEAH

About Green Life Love

Green Life Love is all about living consciously on our planet. It’s here to shine a light on green, connected living and support a positive shift into a world where people CRAVE healthy, organic food, luminous health, empowered communities and unbreakable connections to the flow of nature.

So, my lovely, what’s holding you back from taking action for your planet, your health  AND your happiness today?

  • Are you worried that you’re not doing enough for good ol’ Mother Earth?
  • That ‘eating healthy’ is too hard, boring, expensive or impractical?
  • That you can’t grow your own food, because it’s too complicated or you need a farm to do it?
  • Do some people tell you, “one person can’t possibly make a difference”?

Well – let me assure you… you are, it’s not, you can and stuff ‘em! Just by thinking those things – you are already ahead of the game – and

on a path of discovery that will create positive ripples of change in your wonderful world

I’ve been on my Green-Hearted journey for quite a while. I’ve concluded that our current path has separated us from our right to a simpler, free and happy life – with the abundance and luminescence that we are all entitled to…

A life connected with our planet, our plate and ourselves


You are probably here, because you want to feel it too…



You are part of it – The New Age of Green!

I’ve created this space because I want to connect with and serve others like me.

Those who want to ‘DO’ and not just talk about creating the world and life we want.

If I’m entirely honest, I didn’t feel like I fit in with many ‘greenie’ folk, maybe my hair wasn’t messy enough, my clothes were not ‘designer distressed’ enough to be cool? By some, I’ve been told I am ‘working for the man’ because I choose to be employed in my attempt to influence the outcomes that affect my surroundings. I don’t believe you need to “live-off-the-grid” to make the changes our world needs.

I always wanted to be a part of the green movement – I am a part of it – It’s my profession, my essence, my work, my play – but I don’t always get excited about the idea of dreadlocking my hair to fit in. Lot’s of us are secret, big ol’ hippies on the inside, even if we don’t fit the mold – so let’s embrace it! AND use nice (chemical free) shampoo too! Woohoo!

You and me? We are the new age of ‘Green’. We know it’s not about whining about the end of the world or giving up deodorant. We know there’s more to life than just existing. It’s about walking the talk –  taking action – teaching – not preaching.

We desire to participate. 

We believe that business, non-profits, communities, governments, societies, old, young and in-between, each play a crucial role in how our earth and society are shaped… and all of us, must do the shaping.

Green Life Love is a place where people who feel the same can be lifted up and inspired, learn a bit, love a bit, create good and just have an awesome time together – no social labels, no judgement, no being branded a ‘Hippie’, unless you wanna be : )

You are a crucial ingredient in the mix and the world wants to hear your voice!

So lets do this!

Here you will find resources, fun goodies and muchos inspiration in the following flavours …

  • Growing organic food and using awesome permaculture systems for abundance, wellness and kick-ass health
  • Practical, seasonal cooking, clean eating and lifestyle
  • Get the no-fluff low-down on how ecology and our environment works
  • Learning forgotten skills to empower YOU
  • Leaning-in to happiness, creative practice, wonder and mindfulness
  • Photography, travel, celebrating and taking notice of our AMAZE-BALLS planet.

Email me or drop into the comments below and tell me about your own Green-Hearted journey. Share your passions and dreams and we’ll build them! Explain your frustrations, your needs and your blocks, and lets find a solution together!

Meet Leah

I have always held a revered connection to the planet. It started with a spark… a kid with an innate curiosity and patience for watching living things do what they do! This spark flourished into a full scale life-passion and eventually blossomed into a career. This connection to self and natural surroundings has brought me more riches than any currency ever could.

I grew up in the burbs, and for the last decade I’ve lived in an inner city townhouse.

And now, my friends, me and Mr GLL are making the move to greener pastures – well at least it will be greener when we’re done with it!

I’m about to begin a shift that I hope will inspire others to do the same, even if they’ve only got a small back yard – or a windowsill. I spent years growing food and a variety of greens and herbs in my townhouse courtyard and local community garden…


Now I’m stepping it up a notch,  putting my permaculture & sustainability knowledge to the test and gettin’ me some green acres – 1.8 to be exact. 

That’s right, 7300 square metres of raw potential.

…and yes – it’s pretty raw! A blank canvas – there’s native and garden trees, but not a single food plant on the whole property – not even the quintessential Aussie backyard lemon tree! It was overrun with invasive plants and debris. The house needs renovations and several retrofits to bring it up to a self-sufficient starting point.

And …where the soil isn’t a compacted, rocky nightmare, it’s a gutless, sandy, erosion-prone mess! Oh, and the weather is unpredictable, our first 3 months here we got virtually NO RAIN! But hey – I love a challenge!

Through applying permaculture techniques, ingenuity, earth care, self-sufficiency know-how and serious sweat (only at first of course), I hope to create an example of an edible, sustainable, green paradise. A place to support and enhance my health and well-being and that of my family, to feed my tummy and teach my friends. I invite you to share my journey and learn from my mistakes and victories!

This little space is also a platform for me to search more deeply for my own intuition. To slow down, reignite my creative spirit and tap-in to my soul’s subtle callings. More bare feet, more meditation, more clarity and an abundance of gratitude. We will have much to share, friends.

By the light of day…

I’m an Ecologist and Environmental Consultant living and working in beautiful, sub-tropical Brisbane, Australia. The natural environment is literally my livelihood! And I love it so.

But hang on… before you form an impression of me as some type of greenie, hippie queen, lolling about in a bamboo shack, surrounded by banana trees and bee hives (although that does sound kinda nice) – let me set you straight! That life is not a reality for me – I wear suit-pants and high heels to work sometimes too – shocking!

Over my 10-year career, I have figured a few things out…  the inner workings of business, consulting practice, government and non-profits, all with a healthy serve of science and service. Now I’m here to share what I know, empower my Green-hearted tribe and start healing this planet, one back-yard or balcony at a time.

By… other times…

I am busy building food (and fun) gardens, writing, visiting markets, cooking, crafting, hiking, cocktailing, celebrating with my fave peeps, reading, travelling, photographising (yes, that’s a real word 😉 ) and exploring.

I love to connect with others who seek sparkling wellness for themselves AND the planet, because they ARE absolutely, unavoidably, 100% linked – and you can take that to the bank!



If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, and you’ve got this far – slide on over to my Philosophy page for a deeper run-down on why this message is important to me and how a Green-Hearted vision can empower and enhance your way of life.




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Om Shanti !

And love to you,


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